The American Heritage Dictionary’s fifth edition defines slot as: “an opening used for receiving something.” It can also be used as a position. In aviation, a slot is a narrow opening along the leading edge of an airplane’s wing to facilitate air flow. The word slot is also a synonym for the verb “slotte”, which is a variant of the verb. Here are some examples of the word in use today:

Slot is a transitive verb and stands for “slotty”. It means to put something into a narrow, slotted opening. Typically, a slot is a gap between two airfoils that helps guide the airflow over the wing. Other uses of the word include the ice hockey rink, a slotted machine, or a position in an organization. The use of this word in a sentence implies that the person is a tech-savvy individual.

Another use of the word slot is “slave of technology”. It’s used to describe those who cannot live without their gadgets. The term applies to many urban teenagers, both sexes included. The person who uses this term is often described as a guy or girl. And because of the diversity of uses for slot, it’s important to understand its definition. When used as a verb, it means to put something into a small hole or slot.